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New Sketches

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2011, 6:37 AM

I've done a lot of sketches lately. and I am posting them on my blog.  Check it out if you want to see the pre-vector version:

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True Blood Ad Campaign I worked on!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 24, 2011, 11:08 AM

You True Blood fans, check out the site takeovers my company did! I worked many late nights but totally worth it!

You can choose your color and it changes everything!

Happy Friday!

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Creative LA Artshow sponsored by dA

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 9:58 PM

Hello all. I haven't updated my journal for a while, been super busy.

I recently entered into a dA contest: Starbucks Frappuccino Contest and made into the semi-finalists. My entry is called Happiness in a Cup:…
You can also check out all the semi-finalists…

Also, for those of you who live in LA. I am going to be in a group show called Creative LA sponsored by deviantART this Sunday. I have a few pieces showing there and all proceeds will go to charity! If you are free and would like to come out and check it out, here is more info on the event
I will be there. And there will be a few food trucks there. Hope to see you!

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Hey guys, I finally decide to make time for a little blog and show you what's going on in my creative life, sketches, WIP and stuff like that, some exclusive content on there. Check it out if you want :dance:
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Check out the Tron DVD release Ads I worked on!
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I did an interview with Swide Magazine by Dolce & Gabanna recently. I created two exclusive pieces for them inspired by Dolce & Gabanna and D&G SS 2011 collection. Check it out and have a sneak peek of my new works here…

Cheers :dance::love:
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First of all, thank you guys so much for your wonderful birthday wishes! They really made my birthday very special this year. I feel so loved! :love:

I've been super busy lately. My day time job gets crazy these two weeks because of the awards season for movies. For those who don't know what I do for a living, I work at an interactive ad agency specializing in the entertainment industry. If you see an online banner or site takeover for a big movie, there is a great chance that my company worked on it.

I've also been represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency and have been working on some freelance illustration work in my spare time, which I will be able to post and show you guys very soon!

One more thing, earlier this month, I received a DD for Adopted by CQcat I am very honored and would like to thank everyone for supporting me and thank Mishelangello for suggesting it and ChewedKandi for featuring it!

The last thing is that I realized I haven't made timely response to all the comments lately coz of my busy schedule! But I am on it! It's very important to me to communicate with everyone and I sincerely appreciate every feedback.
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Happy Holidays everyone! :dance: So glad it's that time of year again. Hope you all have fantastic holiday plans!

I did a collaborated project with à la mode [adj: fusion of effects]. to pay our final tribute to the great fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen.…

Alexander McQueen was a genius, a truly master of visual art. I am still blown away every time when I see his work and this piece is my tribute to him.

This image is based on the final outfit of Alexander McQueen's 2010 fall/winter collection. The color palette also comes from this collection and I do feel the color red is full of life and passion. The golden feathers represent an angelic dove, ready to take wing. On the left, there is the grid which represents a net that entrapped her. Love and hope are represented by the doves and the light on the right. The theme of this piece is about the inner struggle for freedom.

I have some limited edition postcards for this piece. If you are interested in getting one, please note me with your name and address,  I will send it to you as your holiday gift!  I only have limited number of cards, it will be first come first serve.  So hurry up! :dance:

Rebirth by CQcat
I have teamed up with a Toronto based fashion blog, à la mode [ adj: fusion of effects ] to produce a limited edition Christmas postcard. They are doing a giveaway on their site right now. If you would like to get one, hurry up!!… :dance:
Dearest dA friends :hug:,

I am back from my trip to China! Although I am still getting over jet lag, it was a wonderful trip, I saw so much and did so much! I went to see the Grand Buddha which is 71 meters tall and carved in a mountain cliff. I went to the Panda reserve and saw two one month old pandas, so tiny! And the World Expo in Shanghai is awesome! So many beautiful Architecture! Too many people, so I didn't get to see them all. I did go in to Canada, Australia, Spain, Monaco, Indonesia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Netherlands and a few smaller countries. Fun experience!

When I came back from my trip, I found that I got into the semi-finalists for Toshiba Laptop Skin Contest…. What a wonderful surprise! Thank everyone for your support.

Also, I would like to announce I am represented by Lemonade now, an illustration agency located in UK. Hopefully I get to do some cool work!

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. Hope Asian friends all had their moon cakes already! I had mine!

That's about it. Wish you an earlier happy weekend! :dance:
Dear friends, CQcat is on vacation in China right now. Will be back to say hi again in 3 weeks! Cheers! :dance:
Who is ready for more dance?

Site takeover I worked on for the new Step Up movie! :dance:
Anyone going to the party this saturday?…
The Inception Youtube masthead will be running on youtube homepage for two days. Check it out!

This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks. The movie looks really good. I cannot wait to see it!
My company did the online ad campaign for The Last Airbender. Check it out live on movietickets :dance:
I got some friend requests on facebook lately. So I created a page just for you, art people! If you would like to follow me, see my latest works or just check out what's going on with CQcat in general, click this link:… and "Like" it! :hug:
I entered a Tshirt design contest with my Butterfly Pond design. If you like it and would to see it made into Tshirt for real, please vote for me :dance: Here is the link to it:… click the Butterfly Pond by CQcat icon and then click the "Like" button and your votes are very much appreciated! Thank you all! :love:
Has any of you seen the Avatar DVD release takeover on MSN homepage today? My company did that! Proud to say I am the designer who did that floater! :dance:
What's up everyone? :hug: Hope this year is so far so good for you all! I was busy working on a freelance project for the first two months this year. I designed 20 characters for a facebook game that is coming out soon. I will keep you updated when the game is out!

What a nice surprise today that I found out I am featured in "Beautiful Illustrator Artworks By Artists Around The World" on Smashing Magazine. This is a site I go to on a regular basis for inspiration and cool stuff. I feel very honored and flattered. Here is the link if you would like to check it out the article:… It included some really awesome artists. You can also leave comment to recommend artists you like to be considered in future issues! :dance:
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Good news, everyone! :XD: My vector tutorial was published on Vectortuts+, here is the link:…

The bad news is that I just found out the full version is only available to paid members. Vectortuts+ is a very cool site if you want to join! If you don't have membership, you can also check it out, there is a partial tutorial for public view!

I know some people may find my tutorial too plain, no super awesome cool tricks or effects. However, my intention of this tutorial is to show how you can use simple tools and effects to achieve a very stylish look. Hope you all enjoy! :dance:
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